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Batch Generation

Use a batch generation, when you want to create just a lot of websites. If RedButton located on remote server, you can add tasks to generate, turn off the computer and go to bed. And the night will RedButton create websites.

For that you do not need a Cron and other schedules. To run the batch generation, just press one button.

There are two ways to add a task to batch generation:

  1. The first way — click on the "plus", which is located on the main page RedButton, the right of the big red button "Create". In this case, the task is added to the settings that are currently listed in RedButton. This method is useful if you need to add to the batch generating a relatively small number of tasks.
  2. For mass adding tasks go to "Tasks" and click on " Add package of tasks ", which is located at the top right of the page. In this case, you need only specify the basic settings for the task. All other settings will be taken from your previously saved settings file.

To run the batch generation click "Run".