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Getting Started with a RedButton

To create a doorway, we need:

  1. Choose a theme Doorway
  2. Buy hosting and domain name, or create an account on a free hosting
  3. Create a file with a list of keywords
  4. Create a text file
  5. Run to generate the doorway RedButton

The main purpose of doorway — to get to the top of search engines for certain keywords, only to redirect all visitors to the desired resource, which provides money for the visitors.

Choice of themes

There are many topics on which you can make doorways. For example, gambling, dating, selling a variety of goods, services and much more.

Search the web affiliate program, the terms of which can attract visitors through doorways. After registering in the affiliate program you will receive a special code or a link to which you will send all the visitors of your doorway.

Note that there are unethical affiliate programs — those who mislead people, establish spyware or viruses. Do not take part in them — they are not durable and cause great harm to society.

Choosing a web host and domain name

To organize doorways will fit almost any paid hosting. The main thing — support for downloading files through FTP. Choose an inexpensive web hosting with a lot of disk space.

Domains for doorways better to buy separately from the host. For Russian-language sites is better to take the domains in the zone ".RU", for English-speaking — in the zone ".COM". If your doorway on a different language, if possible, buy a domain name in the national zone to which the language of your choice. For example, use the zone ".IT" for the Italian language.

Nearly all domain registrars offer services to hide personal data of the owner of the domain service WHOIS. I recommend to take advantage of it, that it was impossible to immediately find all of your doorways.

If you plan on doing a lot of doorways, you can place them on subdomains of the main domain. But in this case, the risk increases significantly ban doorways.

Free hosting in some cases even better than paid. Especially if that is hosting a "trusted" to search engines.


Each page is created based on the doorway of one of said key words. For doorways best to use the "low-frequency" keywords. The optimal number of key words (and accordingly pages) for a doorway — from 100 to 500.

There are several ways to collect the key words on your chosen subject.

  1. Buy online database with keywords
  2. Collect yourself keywords for special services:

Save the collected keywords to a file with the extension ".txt".

You can use the same keyword file many times. Turn on the checkbox "Select random keyword is" to create at each doorway used key words, taken from a file in random order. In this case, you can store in a single file at least 10,000 keywords. Ukazazhite range from which the random number is selected keywords used to create each doorway.

You can put a file with the keyword is in the folder "/ data / keywords", to be able to choose the file from the drop-down list.

The text for the doorway

That each page has a unique doorway, you can use the template macros to insert the generated text.

There are several ways to assemble the text on your chosen topics:

  1. Manually copy the text from different sites, e-books, etc.
  2. Parse text through built-in parser
  3. Buy ready-made texts to "exchanges of text"

The recommended size of the file with the text — from 1 to 10 MB. More text file, the more time and memory required for processing.

Save the text file with the extension ".txt". Preferred encoding a file with text — UTF-8.

In some cases, you can make doorways without using macros to insert text.

To the resulting text can be used for a large number of doorways, RedButton can make it unique, ie generate new text based on an existing one.

Methods for generating the text:

  1. Markov — trigrams based on the algorithm of Markov
  2. Karl Marx — drawing up new proposals from randomly combined words in different parts of the text
  3. Simple — simple mixing of proposals

If you need to preserve "readability" of the text, select a method of generating a "name" or "Simple". But if you need a unique text, use the "Easy" mode.

Moreover, to generate a unique text, RedButton provided the following options:

  1. Stirring proposals
  2. Changing the structure of sentences
  3. Adding adjectives
  4. Synonymy text

You can choose either all at once, and only some of them. The more options turned on, the more unique is the text for the search engine. But from the point of view of the person, such a text would be less "beautiful".

You can put the text file in the folder "/data/texts", to be able to choose the file from the drop-down list.

Running generation doorway

Before starting you need to fill the following mandatory fields:

Address future doorway

Enter in the URL for the main page that you are creating doorway. For example — www.example.com / mydoorway or mydoorway.example.com. This is necessary to maintain links to all pages Doorway to relink them with new doorways.

Path to doorway

If you are creating a doorway, followed by automatic downloading on FTP-server, specify the path of the folder in which you are located at the entrance to the FTP-server. For example, when you log on you will find yourself in the FTP root folder of "domains", and the doorway should be stored in the folder "domains/example.com/www/mydoorway". In this case, specify the "example.com/www/mydoorway".

If you find yourself at the entrance to the folder with the domain, such as domains/example.com, and you need to keep in your doorway with another domain, use the ".." to move to the parent folder, for example — ".. /newexample.com".

If you are creating a doorway on the same server that is running RedButton, simply provide a path relative to the folder with RedButton. For example, if RedButton is in domains/example.com/www/redbutton, and you need to create a doorway domains/newexample.com/www, then specify a path — ../../newexample.com/www.

This also uses ".." to move to the parent folder.

Press the red button "Create" to start generating doorway. Done!