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RedButton Website Generator

Top secret development of scientists is now available to you! The new website (doorways) generator RedButton great for creating a network of websites.

It is a convenient, fast and functional website generator in which we have invested all his 8 years experience in creating scripts for SEO.

Opportunities of the doorway are constantly evolving, adapting to changes in search engine algorithms.

Free source code

Now the generation of websites just got easier!

We have simplified the work of the websites generator. You do not need to have a great knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. RedButton will not require you to fill an array of complex and bizarre shapes. Everything is done for your convenience. Just try it!


Last date version — 3.5 on January 27, 2021

System requirements:

Easy selection of keywords and text

Keywords and text to generate doorway, you can select from a pre added files, or just browse the file from your computer.

If your file has a lot of keywords, doorways can choose a certain amount, which is calculated at random from the range you specified. And the keywords will be selected randomly, and not in order.

This is very handy if you want to use one file with keywords to generate large packs doorways.

Rewrite the text and synonymy

Text to be more unique, we can rewrite it (re-write), and synonymy. Synonymy works for text in Russian and English. In rewriting includes:

You can use these options both all together or separately to maximize the unique text.

Upload doorway through FTP or SFTP

Created a doorway can be automatically uploaded to your FTP-server. And if your server has access to SSH, you can load a doorway via SFTP, which is faster and more secure.

Also, of course you can just save a doorway on the same server that is running the generator doorways.

Batch generation

Use a packet generation to create and upload doorway to the server, even when you are asleep or busy with other things.

Add a job and run the batch generation. For it to work you do not need to configure cron tabs, etc., just click it!

Monitor performance, stop and re-start the batch generation through admin doorways.

Key features of the redbutton doorway page generator

Parsing content

Working with text


Working with graphics

Our SEO software useful and simple. Start creating thousands web sites, doorway page and leading pages. You can get many visitors from Google and Yahoo. Demo!