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To install RedButton you need a server with PHP 5.2 or higher.

In addition, you can run doorway generator red.Button with home computer using a local web server. Among the variety of local (virtual) web server, we recommend Open Server. He is very comfortable and best suited for working with red.Button.

Installing to server


  1. Apache
  2. PHP 5.2 and higher
  3. Installed ionCube Loader (usually already pre-installed)
  4. Disabled SafeMode

Installing the doorway generator is simply copying folders dorgenov the server. So that it runs on about this address: http://www.example.com/redbutton/. It is not recommended to put doorway generator once in the site root (no folders redbutton), as in this case, there may be problems with permissions.

Once you have copied doorway generator the server, you must:

  1. set 777 permissions on the folder "data" and all of the folders and files that are put into it at all levels (except for the file. htaccess).
  2. set 777 permissions on the folder "tmp"

Installing to local Open Server

Local web server Open Server most suited to run red.Button with a conventional computer.

  1. Copy the folder with doorway generator red.Button in "folder to sites" of Open Server. For example: D:\openserver\domains\localhost\redbutton.
  2. Make sure that the settings of the selected version of the PHP 5.3.x (Settings -> Modules -> PHP module), and as the servers Apache.